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Congratulations to Jason Jenkins, the founder of AssetLock™ who was named Retirement Advisor of the year in 2014. Jason-Jenkins 
He and his brother Brad invented AssetLock™ Technologies in Denver, CO and then collaborated with Formula Folios to create a Secure, Smart and Simple way to invest.

AssetLock™ Technology is a revolutionary way to monitor your portfolio and help you to invest with confidence. AssetLock™ is designed to help protect your gains, so you can do something helpful that just might protect your future. AssetLock™ Technology is a smart and simple approach to help you secure your retirement future.

AssetLock™ Technology helps you protect your money by tracking your money every day. It notes your all-time high watermark value. Based on your unique risk profile, you’ll also be tracking your AssetLock Value. This value becomes the “exit button” for your portfolio, allowing you to invest with confidence and always know the limit your portfolio might decline before being fully removed from the markets. Since the AssetLock™ value is updated each time your portfolio reaches a new all-time high; you’re also creating a new (and higher) AssetLock™ Value.

In fact, you will receive weekly, up-to-date texts and emails so you stay informed and ahead of the curve. You worked hard for your money, and you deserve to know what’s going on. We know that when investing, emotions can run high and this can pose a threat to your long-term success. AssetLock™ can help control the anxiety you may feel when investing in the stock market. When it comes to successful investing, we think the equation is simple, you need a smart portfolio with a safe approach.

With AssetLock™ and Formula Folios, you’ll always know the answers to the two most important financial questions: 1. What do I have? 2. How am I doing? You will receive automatic alerts each time your portfolio reaches a new all-time high. This is done via email, text message, or both, giving you the peace of mind you need when investing. As a client, you’ll receive a weekly update letting you know the value of all financial accounts along with the weekly change in value. Each calendar quarter, clients will receive a detailed, yet simple, performance report. This will allow you to always know your quarterly, YTD and since-inception returns. This same report also shows the total you’ve paid in fees, which makes it easy to always know the value you receive.

Formula Folios works with multiple custodians to manage your account, such as Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade and FOLIO Institutional. This helps protect clients, as we never take custody of client funds. Your account is always in your name and you maintain full control at all times. We are simply your chosen money manager, only given limited trading authority and never the ability to take distributions from your accounts.
Rather than just work off complicated 1099 reports, AssetLock™ provides a simple and friendly tax-filing summary for each client. When you work with Formula Folios and AssetLock™, you’ll notice a difference. No one knows what tomorrow may bring, but we do know that having a plan can make all the difference. We think you deserve the best plan possible. Don’t you?
Our experience shows enormous benefit for the client when working with a skilled financial professional. As such, Formula Folios is only available through select financial advisors throughout the United States. They do not work directly with the investing public but only through an approved network of financial professionals. Formula Folios is committed to building great relationships and providing training to each advisor – much like the relationship your advisor shares with you.

In the La Crosse area, Welshire Capital, LLC is the exclusive AssetLock™ provider for you, your family and friends. Imagine what a difference we could make if we can help bring peace of mind to investors knowing that every day their account is being monitored. Imagine the potential preservation of wealth that may occur if you, your family and friends became AssetLock™ investors. Call Welshire Capital, LLC today at 1-608-783-0003 to schedule a visit with a Welshire Wealth Advisor and receive your complimentary, customized AssetLock™ portfolio proposal.

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